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Payroll & HR Services

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Payroll options for your business

We are restaurant accountants with a very robust payroll practice, providing the restaurant industry with payroll since 1976.

We do everything the large national chains do and more:

  • Accountants and CPA’s to advise you on complicated restaurant payroll issues
  • Personal service – talk to the person who actively prepares your payroll
  • Many restaurant centered services available
  • UIA service and restaurant specific HR services included in your fee
  • Local, friendly & available

As restaurant experts we can design the most appropriate level of services for your unique restaurant

Choose the best options for you:

  • Direct entry, fax, or call in
  • Delivery method
  • After-the-fact payroll also available
  • On-boarding and employee portals
  • Complete paperless payroll
  • Employee restricted access to their pay history
  • Tip credit, Form 8027 tip reporting, ACA reporting and advising
  • Ask about our unique tip payout solution which uses credit cards /debit cards
  • Download directly from POS