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Start Up, Management Advising, and Other Services

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Advice and guidance for new restaurant start-ups

Kallas advises new owners regarding the legal, accounting, tax and management aspects of their new start-up restaurants and bars. We help obtain financing and set up accounting and payroll systems. With our experience, we can help new owners avoid the costly mistakes that can be made when opening a new restaurant or bar.

Services we provide to restaurant start-ups:

  • Loan Packages
  • Financing Sources and Advice
  • Entity Creation
  • Projected Financial Statements
  • Government Registration Filings
  • Design and Implement Accounting & Payroll Systems
  • Evaluation of Potential Locations
  • Analysis of Prior Business Operations
  • Business Acquisition Advising

Management Advisory Services

Kallas provides a variety of advisory services from location analysis, budgets, forecasts, solving high food or payroll cost problems to personnel management. Kallas has experience in multi-unit expansion and can help you take your restaurant or bar concept to the next level.

Advisory services we offer:

  • Franchising and Multi-Location Expansion Planning
  • Office Systems and Controls
  • Cost Cutting
  • Operations Advising
  • Multi-Location Expansion Planning
  • Business Sales and Acquisitions
  • Referrals for Professionals and Other Industry Specialists
  • Retirement Planning
  • Restaurant/Bar Knowledgebase
  • Management Handbooks and Other Industry Resources
  • A knowledgebase of technical answers to restaurant owners most asked questions
  • Experts available the same day to answer restaurant tax and management questions
  • Timely newsletters and articles related to what is happening in the restaurant industry
  • Handbooks, forms, worksheets and other tools to help you manage better
  • Helpful websites and industry professional references when you need someone you can trust
  • Access to other products and services such as The Audit Risk Analyzer and the Restaurant Performance Report