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All Kallas Restaurant Accounting products and services are specifically designed for restaurant and bar owners to give them the most useful information while at the same time making their job easier. Pick and choose the services you want or Kallas can be your one-stop-shop for all things financial. Either way, you get unmatched experience and personal service.

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Start Up, Management Advising, and Other Services

Kallas advises new owners regarding the legal, accounting, tax and management aspects of their new start-up restaurant or bar.

Accounting Financial Statements

Accounting Financial Statements

Tax Compliance and Planning

We know the tax traps and audit triggers as well as the techniques, special credits, loopholes, and wealth building methods that

Payroll Services

Kallas Auto-Payroll Service is the easiest, most cost effective way of handling restaurant payroll

QuickBooks Set-Up and Training

QuickBooks Set-Up and Training

Tax Problem Resolution

Tax Problem Resolution

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