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Whether it’s a new client, or one we’ve had for over 40 years, have a look at what some of our satisfied customers have to say about us:

“I know you are crazy busy at this time but just wanted to take the time to tell you how much I appreciate you and the rest of your coworkers on doing such an outstanding job. You guys not only make my job easier but you do so in such a quick an efficient effort. Thanks for all you do now only during tax season but all year long.”
~ Vince Spica, Bamboozles, Penn Grill, & Sunset Strip

“I was with one of the national payroll companies using their on-line service and I accidentally erased some of my payroll. Trying to talk to someone to help me fix the problem was horrible – it took me weeks – and then they billed me on top of it. I switched to Kallas and now I talk to a payroll specialist each payroll and I feel comfortable that they know what they are doing.”
~ Dan Johnson, Ironwood Grill, Plymouth

“I have used Kallas since I started my first location. I have never had any problems. They get my work out fast and on time.”
~ Leo Stassinopoulos, Leo’s Coney Islands, 30 locations

“Kallas cleared up a nasty IRS audit for me with no change. They kept me informed throughout the process and I appreciated that.”
~ David Sheets, Cadillac Club, Lansing

“We have developed a streamlined accounting system with Kallas that works for all my locations. Anytime I ask for their help, they are there.”
~ Brian Kramer, O’Gradys, Cantina Diablo, Chesterfield, Ferndale, Royal Oak

“The first year we worked with Kallas they found tax breaks worth $90,000 that my previous accountant missed. I am glad I switched.”
~ Paul Gregory, Gregory Group, Burger King 28 locations

“I have been with Kallas for over 40 years. When it comes to restaurants and bars, no one is better.”
~ Nicholas Stefanson, Kentucky Fried Chicken, 5 locations

“We work closely with Kallas each year to reduce our taxes and I have been very happy with the results. I strongly recommend them for restaurant and bar owners.”
~ Anthony Rugiero, Antonio’s Cucina Reataurants, 4 locations

“I love the staff at Kallas. They are friendly and easy to work with and they know what they are doing.”
~ Lucky Vasilakis, Lucky’s Steakhouses, 5 locations

“Kallas has been very responsive to both the needs of our franchise company and our individual franchisees. I highly recommend them for restaurant owners.”
~ Gene Kasapis, Ram’s Horn Franchise Company