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The 2019 tax season is upon us.  And as usual, it means finding bills, accumulating paperwork, thinking about everything you did last year and trying to figure out ways to keep that darn tax bill to a minimum.

Our goal is to make sure you do not pay Uncle Sam any more than necessary. 

As a business owner, there are ways of presenting information, making judgments and using tax laws to lower your tax bill.  We have the experience to make use of all the techniques that are available and we work very hard to keep your taxes low.

And we never forget to use our experience and judgment to keep you out of dangerous areas of tax law.

This year, Nick Kallas, Jacob Isaac and I will be preparing your personal taxes.  Jim Humenik, Cathy Infantado, Dan Wilson, and Anthony Gawel will be preparing your business taxes. 

You can keep your tax preparation costs down and help us to identify potential tax savings by answering the questions on the tax organizer as completely as possible.  Along with the organizer, you should be submitting to us all W-2’s, 1099’s, closing statements on purchases or sales of real estate, mortgage interest statements and broker statements.

You can also help us by mailing your information early.  Remember, we know you and your situation very well.  Most questions can be answered over the phone and by mail.

We will be offering again this year the option of receiving your tax returns via a private, secure web portal.  You simply log on, review the return or print a copy at your convenience.

Whether you prefer an on-line version or a physical copy, you will have an opportunity to review the return.  If everything looks good, you will sign a one-page authorization and mail it back to us with payment of fees.   We then E-file your return. 

No more need to rush to the Post Office on April 15 and your refund will get to you about 4 weeks quicker.

Please remember, the more organized your data, the less we have to charge.  We charge extra for appointments, adding bills or organizing information, follow-up phone calls, missing data, tax advice or consultation, research, alternative calculations, re-running returns, adjusting estimated taxes or reviewing legal documents.


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