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More and more restaurants are moving to paperless payroll.  The technology is proven and just like any new technology, once people see the benefits, they jump on board.

Going paperless sounds scary and unfamiliar, but it is really easy and simple.  Just like going from a manual cash register to a cloud-based POS system, the advantages far outweigh the perceived disadvantages.  Once owners see how it works and the time they save, they would not think of going back to the old system.

Paperless payroll is a cloud-based system meaning it can be accessed anywhere and anytime you have an internet connection.  Employees get paid either by direct deposit to their bank or via a Paycard which is basically a debit card.  Journals, current payroll and payroll history is available for you to view or print via a secured website 24/7.   You can even access your payroll on your cell phone.  Email reminders go to you to let you know payroll is done.  Mailing and postage fees are eliminated.  Physical checks are eliminated.  And you having to be physically at your restaurant on payday is eliminated.

It is simple to set up.  Kallas will do all the follow-up work necessary and provide notices to employees.  We will walk you through the process until you are completely comfortable.


For small restaurants, going paperless is especially efficient.  No need to be at the bar or restaurant to hand out checks.

  1. No more having to cash checks for employees.
  2. Even employees without bank accounts can go on the system with Paycards.
  3. Paycards can be cashed at ATM’s for free or can be used just like a debit card.
  4. Even employees who have been blackballed by the banks or have creditors chasing them can have a Paycard.
  5. No delays during holidays or having to work around a holiday schedule.
  6. No delays due to inclement weather.
  7. No more postage fees.
  8. No need for the owner to be there to sign checks.
  9. Submit payroll from the comfort of your home or while on vacation.
  10. No risk of employees opening payroll envelopes and seeing what others are earning.
  11. No risk of a manager seeing what another manager is earning.
  12. All earnings, history, current payroll requirements are available for your viewing or printing via the internet anytime and anywhere. Even when you are on a plane or on vacation.
  13. There are hundreds of payroll reports that you can peruse on the cloud that are not available with paper. There are many reports that can help you better control payroll costs, schedule and see employee productivity.
  14. Mailing mistakes and delays are eliminated.
  15. Most employees love it once it is instituted.
  16. You don’t have to answer constant payroll questions from employees as they can access their own pay history via their own secure website.
  17. No more having to submit employee address changes or dependent changes. They can do it themselves via their secured website.
  18. No more having to provide employee earnings records, lost paystubs, lost paychecks or lost W-2’s. Employees have their own access.

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It is too easy for dishonest people to copy a check


If you haven’t had an issue of check fraud, the experts say you will.


Paperless payroll does away with this. The correct amount is deposited right into the employees’ account.



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