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One of the common complaints of restaurant owners is that, as credit cards dominate all financial activity these days, fewer and fewer restaurant customers are paying cash.

This causes a problem for operations with high end customers where large credit card tips are common.  Customarily, tipped employees want their credit card tips paid out to them at the end of every shift.  And without much cash in the register, that means going to the bank every day or so to replenish the register after paying out the nightly credit card tips.

This is a tremendous hassle:  daily trip to the bank,   carrying large amounts of cash, and the IRS wants to see an accounting of why you withdrew cash and who it went to.  If you cannot account for it, they may assess you.

Now there is an easy solution.  Kallas can set up your tipped employees with Debit Cards.  At the end of each shift the amount of credit card tips goes right into their debit card.  No cash to deal with.  No extra accounting and no daily trips to the bank.

For more information on Debit Cards for Tips, call Jordan at Kallas Company.


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