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Specialized Software For Restaurants

For over 40 years myself and Kallas Company have provided accounting, tax and payroll services exclusively to independent restaurant owners.

So, naturally we are highly attuned to any improvements in software or procedures that will make the job less costly, easier or more efficient.

For years, I have looked at the all-inclusive accounting systems used by the giant franchises like McDonalds and Burger King that are automated from the POS to the final financial statements and wondered why something can’t be developed similarly for independent restaurant owners.

The technology was not advanced enough or products were available but were generic and had to be “worked around” to make it work right.  In addition, no company provided an all-inclusive solution that integrated the POS, banking, bill paying, ordering, inventory control, analytical reports, daily prime cost, recipe management and payroll all in one accounting platform.

Just in the last 2 years Kallas has tested bill paying software, OCR (optical character recognition) technology, many inventory control applications, outside cloud accounting software and more.  Our experience with accounting for restaurants along with our expertise in restaurant operations allows us to really drill down to what works and what doesn’t.

Some of the companies and software we have reviewed do offer some savings and/or efficiencies and others do not.  Most if not all software being offered, are add-on applications that only perform certain portions of what you need so you end up piecing many applications together to finally get what you want.  And usually when you do that you get incompatibilities, work-arounds, special programming and other problems which require extra time or technical expertise to fix. 

Now, finally, we have found one product that puts all the pieces together in a seamless way with enhancements you can add as needed. 

After much study, meetings and comparative analysis, we were so impressed with Restaurant365 software that we have become a partner/associate and reseller.

Restaurant365 is a full accounting program built especially for large single location or multi-location chains.  It ties your POS system, your payroll system, your banking, inventory control, bill paying, financial analytics and government reporting into one robust platform.

The basic system gives you connectivity with your bank, POS and payroll and can generate excellent daily, weekly and monthly analytical reports that will allow you and your managers to manage better.

You can seamlessly add on modules for bill paying and a very robust ordering and perpetual inventory control system that will allow you to fine-tune food cost just like the major franchises like McDonalds do.

Restaurant365 eliminates multiple Excel reports, duplication and busy work you or your staff currently perform.

Financial reporting for multi-location chains is automatic with almost any side-by side comparative reports you can think of available to you on your phone or personal computer.

Kallas wants to bring Restaurant365 to our clients as an option.

Kallas will continue supporting QuickBooks and our other accounting products but if you are interested in a bill paying feature or a robust inventory ordering and control system, call George and we can discuss whether you are a candidate for an upgrade to Restaurant365.

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