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Top 10 Audit Issues to be Concerned About

Some audits are routine and relatively painless. Other audits are worse than a root canal and proctology exam at the same time. It depends on the authority that is conducting the audit, the temperament of the auditor and of course, the completeness and organization of...

Tax Planning Now More Important Than Ever

Small businesses can reduce their tax bills significantly. Huge Opportunities if planned properly! The new tax law which begins January 1, 2018, includes many opportunities and significant benefits for small businesses. The law fundamentally changes many of the tax...

Your Tax Returns – We Do More Than Just Preparing

Throughout the year we pick up new clients – many from other accountants.  We always review the prior work to see if there is anything that was missed or can be done to better your situation. One of the recurring things we notice is that many accountants and tax...

Michigan New Minimum Wage Starts March 2019

Michigan will have a new minimum wage of $9.45 an hour with tipped minimum wage increasing to $3.59 an hour. This will be starting on March 29, 2019. That’s an increase of 20 cents. The state’s current minimum wage is $9.25.  For tipped employees, the increase is...

18 Benefits to Going Paperless Payroll

More and more restaurants are moving to paperless payroll.  The technology is proven and just like any new technology, once people see the benefits, they jump on board. Going paperless sounds scary and unfamiliar, but it is really easy and simple.  Just like going...

Changes to Tip Pooling

Some restaurants pool tips. Tip pooling is the practice of combining all tips earned by all servers and putting them into one lump sum for distribution later by means of a formula developed by the establishment. Tip pooling is not practiced frequently in restaurants...

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