Audit Risk Analyzer

Find out if you are a candidate for a government audit. Free and confidential. This analysis does not cover all risks nor all red flags. It does not guarantee you will or will not be audited. But it does cover areas we see as areas of risk including low risk items that result in serious consequences.

Click the YES or NO box next to each question. Once you answer every question – your risk rating will be displayed in the white box below.

1Is your cost of goods over 40%?YESNO
2Is your labor costs less than 20%?YESNO
3Are you showing a loss on your books?YESNO
4Do you report tips for your employees?YESNO
5Do your employees report their own tips?YESNO
6Does your establishment report tips equaling less than 8% of sales?YESNO
7Does your establishment report tips exceeding 8% of sales?YESNO
8Does your establishment report tips exceeding 12% of sales?YESNO
9Do you employ minors under 18?YESNO
10Do you employ minors under 16?YESNO
11Do you NOT pay overtime to certain employees?YESNO
12Do you fill out completely an I-9 form for each new hire?YESNO
13Do you pay some employees off the books? YESNO
14Do you use a POS register system?YESNO
15Do you use a manual cash register system?YESNO
16Do you do a daily deposit of sales?YESNO
17Do you pay a lot of bills in cash?YESNO
18Can your daily sales that show on your register be reconciled to the bank deposit for that day?YESNO

For more information on risk items and how you can protect yourself, call Kallas Restaurant Accounting and talk to a specialist.