Tax Planning Checklist for Restaurant Owners

The Restaurant Owners Tax Planning Checklist is a proprietary checklist of 60 items a specially trained Kallas expert uses to evaluate the health and tax-wise operation of your restaurant and bar business.

Kallas uses its finely-tuned expertise and this checklist to find opportunities of tax savings for you. Even for small restaurants and bars savings using this checklist can amount to thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars.

We look at everything you are doing of a financial nature to save you money. No other accounting firm provides such a service.

To determine whether you are a good candidate for the Tax Planning Checklist simply click here to request a consultation.


The Restaurant Owner Tax Planning Checklist includes an assessment of such areas as:

✓ The tax-wise use of entity or multiple entities.
✓ Risk exposure and mitigation on tip reporting.
✓ Use and availability of tax credits.
✓ Red flag items.
✓ Tax-wise handling of QBI.
✓ Basis and loss issues.
✓ Personal property tax opportunities.
✓ Multiple location problems and opportunities.
✓ Office and system inefficiencies & opportunities.
✓ Audit risk areas.
✓ Unemployment issues.
✓ And more.