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To make owning and operating your restaurant a little less hectic. 

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Restaurant365 is an all-in-one restaurant management software. Now you can bring your sales, inventory and staff into one view with the only accounting system built specifically for the unique needs of restaurants.

,Ever wonder what kind of software the national restaurant chains use to achieve tight control of their costs?

With the millions of dollars they have available, they build their own software.

For years Kallas has been looking for software that can do for independents what the national restaurant chains have been able to do all along.

Now we found it and we have partnered up with Restaurant365.

Restaurant365 has brought powerful integrated systems, tight controls and daily analytical reporting now within reach of the independently owned start-up and established chain restaurants.

Restaurant365 is a full accounting program built especially for large single location or multi-location chains.  It ties your POS system, your payroll system, your banking, inventory control, bill paying, financial analytics and government reporting all into one robust platform.

The basic system gives you connectivity with your bank, POS and payroll and can generate excellent daily, weekly and monthly analytical reports that will allow you and your managers to manage better.

You can seamlessly add on modules for bill paying and a very robust ordering and perpetual inventory control system that will allow you to fine-tune food cost just like the major franchises like McDonald do it.

Many of the functions you currently perform by hand or using staff are automated.  Restaurant365 eliminates duplication, multiple Excel reports, and busy work your staff currently perform.

Financial reporting for multi-location chains is automatic with almost any side-by side comparative reports you can think of available to you on your phone or personal computer.

Kallas supports QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online and our other accounting products but if you are interested in a bill paying feature or a robust inventory ordering and control system, let us know and we can discuss if Restaurant365 and its powerful capabilities is what would serve you better.

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