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To succeed in the restaurant industry, operators need to spend their time in the most efficient way possible.

It does little good to spend time on administrative tasks when your most profitable time can be spent bringing in business or tightening down costs or even taking a break from work once and a while.

Many owner-operators or their staff waste time with tasks that can be delegated or automated.

Think about this:

  • How much time does it take to hand out checks every pay period?
  • Do payroll checks sit in your office? What security do you have in place to protect confidentiality?
  • What happens when an employee comes to you and says they lost their check?
  • What do you do with payroll checks that never got picked up?
  • What happens when you are expecting payroll checks to be delivered and a snowstorm happens or a holiday falls on payday or the delivery truck broke down?
  • How much are delivery costs running you?
  • What happens when an employee is applying for a loan and needs a pay history from you?

All the above involves you or your staff in wasted time and effort.

You can avoid all the problems associated with the above if you do as most all larger businesses have done and that is going “paperless” with your payroll.

It is really simple.

The employee’s net pay is automatically deposited into the employee bank account on payday.  You receive an email with the payroll journal prior to payday so you can review it.  For employee’s with no bank account, they receive a debit card with their net pay deposited into it each pay period.

The employee can view or print his or her payroll history via a website they have secure access to.

Guess what?  You just saved yourself a ton of wasted administrative time.  Note:  the savings are so significant that many businesses require the employees to be paid electronically upon hiring – no one gets a check.

And Kallas Payroll is offering this service to you for a limited time at no cost.  FREE.

Now is a good time to start this as you re-open and re-hire employees.

Contact Jordan at 313-962-6000 for more information and to start saving money.




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