Restaurant Accounting Services

All Kallas Restaurant Accounting services are specifically designed for restaurant and bar owners like you, to make your job easier.

Start Up, Management Advising, and Other Services

Advice and guidance for new restaurant start-ups

Kallas advises new owners regarding the legal, accounting, tax and management aspects of their new start-up restaurants and bars. We help obtain financing and set up accounting and payroll systems. With our experience, we can help new owners avoid the costly mistakes that can be made when opening a new restaurant or bar.

 Services we provide to restaurant start-ups:

  • Loan Packages
  • Financing Sources and Advice
  • Entity Creation
  • Projected Financial Statements
  • Government Registration Filings
  • Design and Implement Accounting and Payroll Systems
  • Evaluation of Potential Locations
  • Analysis of Prior Business Operations
  • Business Acquisition Advising

Management Advisory Services

Kallas provides a variety of advisory services from location analysis, budgets, forecasts, solving high food or payroll cost problems to personnel management. Kallas has experience in multi-unit expansion and can help you take your restaurant or bar concept to the next level.

Advisory services we offer:

  • Franchising and Multi-Location Expansion Planning
  • Office Systems and Controls
  • Cost Cutting
  • Operations Advising
  • Multi-Location Expansion Planning
  • Business Sales and Acquisitions
  • Referrals for Professionals and Other Industry Specialists
  • Retirement Planning
  • Restaurant/Bar Knowledgebase
  • Management Handbooks and Other Industry Resources
  • A knowledgebase of technical answers to restaurant owners’ most asked questions
  • Experts available the same day to answer restaurant tax and management questions
  • Timely newsletters and articles related to what is happening in the restaurant industry
  • Handbooks, forms, worksheets, and other tools to help you manage better
  • Helpful websites and industry professional references when you need someone you can trust
  • Access to other products and services such as The Audit Risk Analyzer and the Restaurant Performance Report

Accounting Financial Statements

New cloud-based applications, methods and techniques have revolutionized restaurant accounting.

Whether you are a new operation or an existing location, Kallas can customize and install a cost effective accounting system appropriate to your specific needs.

  • Complete back-of-the-house design and install
  • Monthly financial statements
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Accounts payable/ bill paying
  • Sales tax
  • Cloud-based convenience
  • Government paperwork compliance
  • Records storage and maintenance
  • Unlimited phone consulation
  • QuickBooks install and training

Tax  Compliance, Planning, and Problem Resolution

Tax services for restaurant and bar owners

Kallas handles only restaurant and bar owners and their businesses. We know the tax traps and audit triggers as well as the techniques, special credits, loopholes, and wealth building methods that fit your lifestyle and goals. In addition, no other accounting firm has the depth and breadth of experience to protect you if you ever get into real trouble with the authorities. Our experienced tax experts can hold off collections and develop a plan of action to resolve your tax problems.

Tax services we offer:

  • Corporation and Limited Liability Tax Returns and Tax Planning
  • Personal Income Tax Returns and Tax Planning
  • Audit Representation
  • Projected Income Taxes
  • Personal Financial Statements
  • Tax Problem Resolution

Payroll and HR Services

Payroll options for your business

We are restaurant accountants with a very robust payroll practice, providing the restaurant industry with payroll since 1976.

We do everything the large national chains do and more:

  • Accountants and CPAs to advise you on complicated restaurant payroll issues
  • Personal service – talk to the person who actively prepares your payroll
  • Many restaurant centered services available
  • UIA service and restaurant specific HR services included in your fee
  • Local, friendly, and available

As restaurant experts we can design the most appropriate level of services for your unique restaurant

Choose the best options for you:

  • Direct entry, fax, or call in
  • Delivery method
  • After-the-fact payroll also available
  • On-boarding and employee portals
  • Complete paperless payroll
  • Employee restricted access to their pay history
  • Tip credit, Form 8027 tip reporting, ACA reporting and advising
  • Ask about our unique tip payout solution which uses credit cards /debit cards
  • Download directly from POS

QuickBooks Set-Up and Training

Our QuickBooks set up and training is performed by accounting and tax experts, certified in QuickBooks training.

We tailor your instructions, taking into account your needs, sophistication, and time constraints.

Follow-up phone consultation is free.

Contact us for a free restaurant accounting consultation!



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