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To make owning and operating your restaurant a little less hectic. 

Quickbooks Training

Quickbooks is a popular business management program that advertises wonderful results for small business owners.

Unfortunately, many people buy the program and find it easy to start up and use, but when it comes to the requirements of the IRS or other government agencies, the results are not acceptable or are loaded with red flags.

To resolve this issue, Kallas Restaurant Accounting offers Quickbooks training in ½ day increments.

Our training is different in that we create a personal curricula based on your computer background, your accounting knowledge, and your time constraints to determine how much of the program capabilities you need to understand. This way your accounting is handled properly and most efficiently.

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Restaurant365 Demo

Restaurant365 is an all-in-one restaurant management software. Now you can bring your sales, inventory and staff into one view with the only accounting system built specifically for the unique needs of restaurants.

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