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Articles from The Insider’s Report archives go back over several years. Some articles may include date-sensitive information or other information that has changed over time.
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Beware “Back-Up Withholding” Trap

Have you ever received a form called an W-9?  W-9’s are sent to you usually by someone you do business with like a vendor, bank, or merchant credit card processing company asking for your federal identification number and other information such as your address and...

What Is an LLC?

In the last 5 years or so, there has been a movement away from structuring small businesses as S corporations and more towards forming LLC’s.  S corporations still have unique benefits and should be considered when you start up a new business but LLC’s offer their own...

Warnings for S-Corporations and LLCs

A new penalty for late filed S Corporations and partnership LLC’s was created starting with the 2009 tax year and continues to present. I use this newsletter to remind taxpayers about this penalty because the penalty is severe. $195 per shareholder or partner per...

Restaurants Get Special Tax Deduction

The PATH act signed into law in December 2015 allows an enhanced deduction for food inventory.  If a restaurant donates wholesome food to a 501 c(3) charitable organization, the value of the donation is not the retail price to the customer or the cost to you.  The...

9 Important Tax Tips and Reminders

If you have the U.S. equivalent of $10,000 in a foreign bank in any day of 2016 you must file FinCen form 114. Remember to tell your tax preparer. If you have the U.S. equivalent of $50,000 in assets located in foreign countries on the last day of the year or more...

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